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Pioneer in Peace and Constructive Conflict Resolution Studies

Louis Kriesberg

Springer, December 2016

Louis Kriesberg: Pioneer in Peace and Constructive Conflict Resolution Studies

On the occasion of his 90th birthday Louis Kriesberg, professor emeritus of sociology,  provides an informative account of his career, tracing the trajectory of his discoveries, contributions, and stumbles as he sought to help the advance toward a more sustainable and just peace in the world.

His work contributes to ideas and practices in several areas of conflict studies, notably intractable conflicts and their transformation, reconciliation, conflict analysis, and waging conflicts constructively. Although neither an autobiography nor a memoir, he embeds the course of his work in the context of historical events and in the evolving fields of peace studies and conflict resolution. In addition, he discusses the interaction of those fields with major conflicts.

The book includes seven previously-published exemplary pieces on these and other topics, a comprehensive list of his publications, and several photos. A discussion of Kriesberg’s work and its significance is provided by George Lopez, professor of peace studies at the University of Notre Dame.