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National Security Law, 7th Edition

William C. Banks

Aspen Publishing , December 2020

National Security Law, 7th Edition

The field’s leading casebook, "National Security Law," has been published in its seventh edition by the Aspen Casebook Series. Edited by Professor Emeritus William Banks, in collaboration with Stephen Dycus, Peter Raven-Hansen, and Stephen Vladeck, for the last 30 years, "National Security Law" has helped create and shape an entire new field of law. It has been adopted for classroom use at most American law schools, all of the military academies, and many non-law graduate programs. Relying heavily on original materials and provocative notes and questions, this book encourages students to play the roles of national security professionals, politicians, judges, and ordinary citizens.

By showing the development of doctrine in historical context, it urges them to see their responsibility as lawyers to help keep us safe and free. Like earlier editions, the new book deals with basic separation-of-powers principles, the interaction of U.S. and international law, the use of military force, intelligence, detention, criminal prosecution, homeland security, and national security information.