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The Institutional Grammar in Policy Process Research

Apr 12, 2022

The Institutional Grammar in Policy Process Research

Saba Siddiki, Christopher K. Frantz

Policy Studies Journal, April 2022

This article provides an introduction to a collection of articles involving an institutional analysis approach called Institutional Grammar (IG). Over the past decade, scholars have used IG in various forms and domains to study key concepts and aspects of the policymaking process, such as policy design, policy change and policy implementation. Throughout this period, scholars in public policy and in various other fields have shown how IG can be used in policy evaluation, as well as how IG can be used in conjunction with various methodological approaches to answer a question. wide range of research objectives. This introduction (i) provides an overview of the IG; (ii) identifies cross-cutting themes presented within the collection of articles recently published in the Policy Studies Journal that present applications of IG; and (iii) identifies opportunities for future research based on this and other recently published work featuring that IG.