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DeStress for Success Workshop Series

From gratitude journaling to mindfulness to deep breathing, the DeStress for Success curriculum offers solutions to common college-life problems and challenges. Workshops are recommended to be held on Mondays—the day people are most likely to engage in healthy behaviors—for a duration of 60 minutes (5 sessions total). Interested in starting an in-person program at your college or university? Click the orange button below.

DeStress for Success Email Series

This automated email series was developed to incorporate the same themes, topics and learning objectives as the DeStress for Success in-person program into an accessible digital format. By subscribing, students will receive resources directly to their inboxes every Monday morning for the duration of the program.

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DeStress for Success One-Credit Course

Syracuse University students are able to take the DeStress for Success program as a one-credit course (MAX 103). This course will explore the concepts of stress management and positive mental health. Topics include mindfulness, positive emotions, mindful communication, conflict resolution, using strengths, goal setting and healthy habits. In addition, brain science will also be discussed. The course is offered every semester. Interested students can register through MySlice.


DeStress Monday tips and tools can be adapted for various audiences. View our DeStress Monday resources below:

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Healthy Monday