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Why Meatless? 

For Your Health

  • Adding more plant-based foods into your diet can add years onto your life
  • Meals rich in fruit, vegetables or legumes contain natural antioxidants that benefit cardio-health
  • Nuts are one of the richest sources of protein and can help to improve concentration
  • Most Americans eat more than 1.5 times their suggested meat serving every day, making a plant-based substitution can help to maintain a lower body weight

For the Planet

  • Global livestock production creates more greenhouse gases than all of the planes, trains and cars on Earth
  • Livestock production uses more than 75% of the world’s agricultural land
  • The energy it takes for a quarter-pound of beef to be produced is equivalent to that of your smartphone being charged for six months
  • It takes 425 gallons of water for one quarter-pound burger to be produced which is the equivalent of 1,700 people’s water intake for one day
  • The emissions produced from one quarter-pound burger is equivalent to the number of emissions released after driving 348 miles in a car

We highlight the Meatless Monday meal in all of the dining halls and cafes. Look for this sticker at the serving stations throughout campus!

Meatless Monday logo

Meatless Monday Resources and Tips

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Don’t Let Diet Beat Us

Our #Don’tLetDietBeatUs materials encourage healthy choices by highlighting “hero” foods shown to help reduce the risk of diabetes, and illustrating the benefits of starting the week with a Meatless Monday.

Learn new Meatless Monday cooking hacks with this Meatless Monday Cooking Tip Collection that can transform your Meatless Monday meals into plant-based masterpieces.

Explore this collection of plant-based recipe ideas for delicious and easy Meatless Monday meals.

Map made out of fruit
Research shows that livestock production contributes more greenhouse emissions and consumes more resources than most plant-based foods.
Plant Protein Power graphic with cartoon spinach
Encourage plant-based choices with Meatless Monday’s Plant Protein Power Package, which includes posters, point-of-sale signage, and digital and social media graphics.
Heart made out of vegetables
Research shows that people can enjoy several health benefits by eating less meat and diversifying their diets with a higher proportion of fruits and vegetables.
Healthy Monday