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Maxwell X Lab

Project Report

CNY Diaper Bank Data Collection System

April 2021

Project Description

  • Partners: CNY Diaper Bank
  • Intervention: Electronic survey design using QR codes
  • Method: Survey design
  • Outcome: Re-designed survey tool that reduced administrative burden on partner agencies

Project Report

The Maxwell X Lab partnered with the CNY Diaper bank to improve the organization’s data collection process. As a part of their normal service delivery, the CNY Diaper Bank used to administer a paper survey to partner agencies to generate data on the distribution and impact of the diaper services on family resources. Partner agency staff would administer the survey to diaper recipients and then manually enter responses into an online database. The Maxwell X Lab provided two interventions: redesigned survey questions and a new web-based data collection process.

First, the X Lab conducted background research on best practices for survey tools across other diaper banks and similar agencies. In consultation with CNY Diaper Bank staff, the X Lab re-wrote survey items that captured quantitative data on the impacts the diaper bank has on the lives of diaper recipients, as this was the critical information needed. The X Lab also organized the new survey questions into a flow that was appropriate for an electronic survey.

Second, to address the CNY Diaper Bank’s interest in creating a more efficient data collection tool, the X Lab developed and implemented a new online survey. The new form is initiated using a unique QR code that diaper recipients can access while waiting to pick up their diapers. This allows individuals to either use a personal electronic device or a device available at the partner agency, to access and complete the survey. Several partner agencies have access to electronic devices capable of completing these surveys so for individuals who do not have their own, the partner agency can step in. The X Lab also created a survey guidebook to help individuals and partner agency staff troubleshoot any problems related to using this new survey process.

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