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Isidor Wallimann

Isidor Wallimann

Contact Information:

Isidor Wallimann

Senior Research Associate, Program for the Advancement of Research on Conflict and Collaboration

Highest degree earned

Syracuse University, Ph.D., Sociology, 1972-1978; Kansas State University, M.A., Economics, 1970-1971; Kansas State University, B.A., Economics and Agriculture, 1967-1970

Areas of Expertise

Social Policy, Environmental Policy, Community Development, Social Economy, Economic Sociology, Globalization, Industrial Relations, Sociology of Work, Social Movements, Genocide

Research Grant Awards and Projects

National Science Foundations of Taiwan and Switzerland, Social Policy Research Stipend, 1999.

Council of Europe , French Social Policy Research Stipend 1989.

Fulbright Scholar  Research Stipend, Bulgarian self-management and industrial relations, 1987-1988.

Council of Europe , French Social Policy Research Stipend, 1982.

Selected Publications


Sozialpolitik nach dem Verursacherprinzip: Beispiele der Anwendung bei Sucht, Gewichtsproblemen, Medikamentenmissbrauch, Arbeitslosigkeit, Prostitution,  (Hrsg.), (Social Policy According to the Polluter Pays Principle: Examples of Application in the Field of Addiction, Obesity, Abuse of Medicine, Unemployment, Prostitution, ed.). Grünwald bei München: USP Publishing / Kleine Verlag, 2011.

Globalization and Third World Women: Exploitation, Coping and Resistance (edited with Ligaya McGovern). Farnham: Ashgate Publishing, 2009. 

Sozialpolitik nach Verursacherprinzip: Beispiele der Anwendung aus Arbeit, Gesundheit, Sucht, Schule und Wohnen , (Hrsg.), (Social Policy According to the Polluter Pays Principle: Examples of Application in the Field of Work, Health, Addiction, Education, and Housing, ed.). Bern: Haupt Verlag 2008.

Sozialpolitik anders denken: Das Verursacherprinzip (Social Policy From Another Perspective: Causal Agency and Responsibility) (with Este Pineiro). Bern: Haupt Verlag, 2004.

On the Edge of Scarcity: Environment, Resources, Population, Sustainability, and Conflict (edited with Michael Dobkowski). Syracuse: Syracuse University Press, 2002.

German Translation : Das Zeitalter der Knappheit. Bern: Haupt Verlag, 2003.

On the Edge of Scarcity: Environment, Resources, Population, Sustainability, and Conflict (edited with Michael Dobkowski). Syracuse: Syracuse University Press, 2002.

Weg von der Armut durch soziokulturelle Integration (Avoiding Poverty Through Sociocultural Integration) (with Jonas Strom und Matthias Szadrowsky). Bern: Haupt Verlag, 2002.

Soziale Arbeit und Ökonomie (Social Services and the Economy) (edited with Susanne Elsen and Dietrich Lange). Neuwied: Luchterhand Verlag 2000.

Armut - Eingliederung als neue Herausforderung für die Sozialhilfe: Das garantierte Mindesteinkommen (RMI) in Frankreich – Potentiale und Erfahrungen  (Poverty - Social Integration as a Challenge for Welfare: The Guaranteed Income for Social Integration (RMI) in France – Experience and Potential. Bern: Haupt Verlag 1999 (with Isabelle Bohrer).

Armut - Der Mensch lebt nicht vom Brot allein: Wege zur  soziokulturellen Existenzsicherung (Poverty - Human Beings Do Not Live From Bread Alone: Ways Toward Sociocultural Subsistence). Bern: Haupt Verlag 1998 (with Susanne Schmid).

The Coming Age of Scarcity: Preventing Mass Death and Genocide in the 21st Century (edited with Michael Dobkowski). Syracuse: Syracuse University Press 1998.

Entmündigung und Emanzipation durch die Soziale Arbeit: Individuelle und strukturelle Aspekte (Oppression and Emancipation Through Social Work: Individual and Structural Aspects). Bern: Haupt Verlag 1997 (with Stefan Eugster and Esteban Pineiro).

Selbstverwaltung: Entwicklungen und Perspektiven, soziale Bewegungen, Krisen und soziale Oekonomie (Self-Managed Firms in Switzerland: Developments and Perspectives, social Movements, Crisis and the Social Economy) (Director of research and editor). Neu-Allschwil/Basel: Editions Heuwinkel, 1996.

Research, in Social Movements, Conflict and Change , series co-editor. Editor of the following volumes (with Michael Dobkowski). Greenwich, CT: JAI Press.

                                 Vol. 15, 1993     Vol. 17, 1994     Vol. 19, 1996    Vol. 21, 1999

                                 Vol. 16, 1993     Vol. 18, 1995     Vol. 20, 1997

Genocide in our Time: An Annotated Bibliography with Analytical Introductions (edited with Michael Dobkowski). Ann Arbor: Pierian Press, 1992 (Series: Resources on Contemporary lssues).

Radical Perspectives on the Rise of Fascism in Germany, 1919-1945 (edited with Michael Dobkowski). New York: Monthly Review Press, 1989.

Genocide and the Modern Age: Etiology and Case Studies of Mass Death (edited with Michael Dobkowski). Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 1987/2000 paper SU Press.

Korean Translation: Gak Publishing Company: 2004.

Towards the Holocaust: The Social and Economic Collapse of the Weimar Republic (edited with Michael Dobkowski). Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 1983.

Estrangement: Marx's Conception of Human Nature and the Division of Labor . Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 1981 (Contributions in Philosophy, No. 16).

Presentations and Events

Invited Lectures at Universities (*more than once)

Syracuse University*                                                   University of Kansas*

American University*                                                   Kansas State University *

Westchester University                                                University of North Texas *

Culver Stockton College, Canton, MO                        University of Magdeburg, Germany

Catholic University of Applied Sciences Berlin           Texas Women’s University

School of Social Work Barcelona                                    Alice Salomon Univ. of Applied Sciences Berlin*

Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Beijing                  Tsinghua University, Beijing

Case Western Reserve University                                    Tunghai University, Taichung, Taiwan*

Beijing Academy of Social Sciences                               University of Leipzig, Germany

York University, Toronto                                                 University of Applied Sciences Munich*

University of Mulhouse, France                                       University of Parma

University of Zacatecas, Mex.                                         University of Cordoba, Argentina

Indiana University*                                                          Colgate University

Graceland University                                                       ITESO, Guadalajara, Mex.

SUNY, Binghamton

Previous Teaching Appointments

Professor of Sociology, Economics and Social Policy , School of Social Work, University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland, Basel, 1980–2008.

Adjunct Professor of Social Policy , Dept. of Social Work and Social Policy, University of Freiburg, Switzerland, 1991–2008.

Adjunct Professor of Sociology , Dept. of Sociology, Univ. of Bern, 1980 -1984, 1987-1991.

Assistant Professor of Sociology , Dept. of Anthropology and Sociology, Hobart and William Smith Colleges, Geneva, N.Y., 1978 -1980.

Visiting Appointments

Visitin Scholar, Center for the Study of Global Change, Indiana University, Sept./Oct. 2010.

Visiting Professor, Institute for Advanced Studies, Indiana University, April / May 2008.

Visiting Scholar , Dept. of Sociology, Tunghai University, Taichung, Taiwan, Oct. ’99.

Invited Scholar, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Lecture on Welfare Policy, 1999

Invited Scholar, Beijing Academy of Social Sciences, Seminar Week on Environmental Policy, 1994

Visiting Full Professor of Sociology , Dept. of Sociology and Social Work, Univ. of North Texas, Denton TX, Oct. - Dec. 1993.

Visiting Associate Professor of Sociology , Dept. of Anthropology, Sociology and Social Work, Kansas State University, Manhattan, KS, Jan - May 1985.

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