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Advocacy and Activism

Worker Justice Center of New York

Advocacy and Activism Faculty

PARCC advocacy and activism faculty are experts in psychology, sociology, African American studies, history, writing and rhetoric studies, geography, religion, journalism, Asian America studies, anthropology, international relations and political science.

Tom Perreault Seminario internacional de ecologia politica

The Labor Movement in the Age of Trump: Challenges and Prospect

Watch the presentation by Jeffrey Grabelsky, associate director of The Work Institute at the Industrial and Labor Relations School at Cornell University and guest speaker for PARCC's Conversations in Conflict Studies lecture series.

Labor Studies Working Group

PARCC's Labor Studies Working Group is an interdisciplinary group of Syracuse University faculty members whose primary goal is to institutionalize labor studies and elevate labor―broadly defined―as a topic of intellectual inquiry and social and political importance at Syracuse University. Faculty member departments include African-American studies, anthropology, geography, religion, sociology, and writing and rhetoric.

The group organizes workshops that bring together leading labor scholars with activists and practitioners to explore pertinent issues facing workers and workers’ movements

Legalization and Equality for All MIRAC

Selection of Labor Studies Workshops

Standing with Immigrant Workers: Labor's Strategies of Resistance in the Age of Trump

What was the labor movement’s response to the volatile immigration policy landscape in the United States? What impact did the Trump administration have on immigrant rights? This workshop explored how U.S. labor unions have varied their approach to immigrant rights, how these labor constituencies justified their positions and to what extent the labor movement has declared solidarity with Black, Muslim and LGBT workers.

Labor in a Changing Climate: Climate Change, Labor and Global Citizenship

This workshop brought together experts and activists who seek to bridge tensions between climate and labor activism. Discussion included the creation of a unified climate-labor movement, the role of policy in finding solutions that appeal to working class and other marginalized constituents and how to inspire "global citizenship" to address the uneven responsibilities for and impacts of climate change.

Workers' Rights are Human Rights? Diversifying Labor Strategies in a Changing World

Labor scholars are divided on the issue of whether a human rights approach to workers' struggles is in the best interest of labor or not. In this workshop, guests spoke about both the positive and negative impacts of human rights approaches and market-driven globalization and how race, gender and other identities change debates around the relationship between labor and human rights.

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Program for the Advancement of Research on Conflict and Collaboration
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