Population Health and Aging, CAS

This graduate certificate of advanced study (CAS) provides matriculated graduate students with systematic, focused training in the area of population health and aging. The program will expose students to the key theoretical orientations and cutting-edge methodological training that lies at the nexus of medical sociology, social gerontology, and demography.

Students must complete 15 credits, of which nine are required -- SOC 667: Population Processes; SOC 655: Sociology of Health and Illness; SOC 664: Aging and Society. Students also select six credits of health and/or aging electives, three of which must be a SOC graduate-level course.


Students must complete 9 graduate level credits in the following courses:

  • SOC 667 - Population Processes 3 credit(s)
  • SOC 655 - Sociology of Health and Illness 3 credit(s)
  • SOC 664 - Aging and Society 3 credit(s)
    or (with permission)
    SWK 657 - Processes of Aging 3 credit(s)


Students must complete 6 credits of graduate level courses in health and/or aging.  At least 3 credits must be from a SOC course. Students may petition to use 3 credits from other health and/or aging courses. 

  • SOC 600 - Selected Topics 1-6 credit(s)
  • SOC 643 - Aging in the Context of Family Life 3 credit(s)
  • SOC 800 - Selected Topics 1-6 credit(s)
  • BIO 616 - Biology of Aging 3 credit(s)
  • LAW 777 - Elder Law 3 credit(s)
  • PAI 730 - Problems in Public Administration 1-3 credit(s)
  • PPE 514 - Exercise and Aging 3 credit(s)

    For more information, please contact Professor Jennifer Karas Montez, jmontez@maxwell.syr.edu.