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Maxwell / XLab
  • Maxwell X Lab Projects

  • Intervention Type - Electronic

    Lerner Center for Health Promotion Monday Miles

    We partnered to evaluate if targeted messages increase physical activity in a neighborhood park.


    Hennepin County, MN SNAP

    We are partnering - along with University of Minnesota and USDA - to redesign the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) annual income re-certification process.


    Health Foundation Uninsured Rates

    We partnered to analyze the recent shifts in the uninsured rate across all 62 counties in New York State.


    City of Evanston, IL 311

    We partnered to analyze individual resident use of 311 across neighborhoods.


    Glimmerglass Festival

    We partnered to evaluate whether a podcast impacted listener willingness to improve diversity in the arts.


    Family Planning

    We partnered to reduce patient no shows at appointments.


    Early Childhood Alliance

    We partnered to evaluate an intervention to increase reading time with children.


    ProLiteracy Adult Literacy

    We partnered to test whether weekly reminders and encouragement would improve attendance.