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Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Program

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This Year’s Fellows

Fourteen Hubert H. Humphrey Fellows are spending ten months at the Maxwell School participating in graduate study, professional development, and cultural exchange.

The 2022-2023 cohort hails from Argentina, Georgia, India, Malawi, Malaysia, Montenegro, Pakistan, Palestinian Territories, Peru, Philippines, Republic of Korea, Tajikistan and Ukraine.

The fellows’ diverse professional experience and academic interests include public administration reform, digital transformation and innovation, NGO management, cybersecurity, humanitarian and emergency management, tax policy, information technology policy and management, non-governmental organization management, gender policy and public policy, among other areas.

Nino Alvino

Niño Alvina, Philippines

Niño Raymond B. Alvina is Executive Director of the Bureau of Local Government Finance of the Department of Finance in the Philippines. He supports the Secretary of Finance in supervising the revenue operations of all local governments and in developing and implementing policies and programs on local fiscal and financial management.

As a Humphrey fellow, Niño aims to gain international perspectives and acquire new knowledge and skills in public policy and management to contribute innovations in local finance oversight, data analytics, case studies, capacity development, and stakeholder engagements.

He is a career executive service officer in his country and earned a bachelor’s degree in public administration from the University of the Philippines.

Mariam Awadi, Malawi

Mariam Awadi is a financial analyst for the National Local Government Finance Committee. Her responsibilities include monitoring financial management patterns and adherence to guidelines by local authorities. She was part of the team that oversaw the implementation of new guidelines in relation to local authorities, Constituency Development and Water Resources Funds, respectively.

As a Humphrey fellow, Mariam is interested in public policy analysis, financial management and leadership, private sector development, and public finance. Her goal after the fellowship is to ensure that all public resources allocated to local authorities are accounted for and only used for their intended purposes within the tenets of transparency and accountability.

Mariam has an M.B.A. from the Malawi Institute of Management and a bachelor’s degree in accountancy from the University of Malawi–the Polytechnic.

Charles Chibambo

Charles Chibambo, Malawi

Charles Chibambo is CEO of S.I.T.E Engineering where he oversees Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC) work in private sector and government-funded projects. As a Humphrey fellow, he’s interested in enhancing his skills in global economics, public administration and policy implementation with a focus on access to modern energy technology in the creation of sustainable economies.

Charles’ goal after his fellowship is to work closely with research facilities, private sector developers, local experts and government stakeholders to implement projects in the energy sector that support rapid improvement in the socioeconomic status of the people in Malawi and other countries in sub-Saharan Africa.

He earned an M.S. in Leadership & Change Management from Leeds Metropolitan University in the U.K. and a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Malawi–the Polytechnic.

Yuliia Fediv, Ukraine

Yuliia Fediv is a cultural and media manager and most recently CEO of Hromadske, an NGO founded in 2013 by independent journalists. She won the UN Women in Arts Award 2021 for Cultural Management and is former director of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation.

Her interests as a Humphrey fellow include public-private partnerships, governance, policy design and implementation and strategic communications. Yuliia wants to influence policymaking within the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy or establish a public-private partnership to make Ukraine a leader in cultural sectors in Central and Eastern Europe.

She earned a Ph.D. in Political Science and an M.A. in International Relations from Yuriy Fedkovych Chernivtsi National University, an M.A. in Law Studies from the National Academy of Management and an L.L.M. EUR in International and European Law from Bremen University.

Yuliia Fediv
Margarita Musante

Margarita Musante, Argentina

Margarita Musante was most recently Coordinator of Evaluation of Budgetary Programs in the Chief of Cabinet of Ministers. She coordinated technical proposals, monitored and evaluated social policies and programs prioritized by the national government, and linked SDGs to the national budget. Margarita has also worked in academia as a professor and researcher.

Her interests as a Humphrey fellow include public policy evaluation, human capital development, data-driven public policy, digital transformation, and gender perspectives in public administration. Her goals include developing evidence-based public policies, women´s empowerment in decision-making, transparency and innovation, and implementing policies focusing on human capital.

She is a Ph.D. Candidate in Economics at CEMA University and earned M.S. degrees in Applied Economics and Econometrics from Torcuato Di Tella University and a B.A. in Economics from Rosario National University.

Sultan M. Nawaz Nasir, Pakistan

Sultan M. Nawaz Nasir hails from the Civil Services of Pakistan (IRS-FBR) with a career spanning over 15 years. He most recently was posted as Additional Commissioner Inland Revenue at Dera Ismail Khan Zone supervising tax administration of eleven districts. His recent accomplishments include establishment of the zonal office in D.I. Khan and unprecedented growth in revenue collection of the Zone.

As a Humphrey fellow, he is interested in international good practices in public policy/administration in general and taxation in particular. After his fellowship, he wishes to try to uplift tax administration in Pakistan.

Sultan earned an M.B.A. in Tax Management from IBA, Karachi, and an M.A. in English Literature & Linguistics from NUML, Islamabad and is TADAT (Tax Administration Diagnostic Assessment Tool) certified from the IMF.

Sultan Nasir
Firuza Nabieva

Firuza Nabieva, Tajikistan

Firuza Nabieva is founder and director of “Jahoni bo Farosat,” an NGO empowering girls and youth in rural areas. She was awarded one of the Top-100 best women of Tajikistan for her civic activism in response to COVID-19, is a board member for the U.S. Alumni Network of Tajikistan and certified by Eurasia Foundation and PEAK UK as an independent advisor and an institutional development consultant for corporate and non-profit organizations.

As a Humphrey fellow, she is interested in international leadership, agile management, digitalization, company transformation, data-driven decision making, and innovation. After her fellowship, Firuza seeks to empower women and youth through digital skills development and collaborations with international and local organizations with her NGO.

She holds an M.B.A. in International Management from SHB-Berlin and a bachelor’s in banking.

Hyojung Oh, Republic of Korea

Hyojung Oh is an auditor for the Board of Audit and Inspection, the supreme audit institution of the Republic of Korea. She conducts audits on state and local governments and public institutions and inspects the works of public officials. Prior to this position, she worked at PricewaterhouseCoopers Korea, where she performed financial statements audits on the private sector.

As a Humphrey fellow, she has interests in public administration, public finance, sustainable development including social value, environment, social and governance (ESG) and international organizations. Hyojung’s future goals include pursuing her career as an auditor to enhance public performances and utilizing her expertise in auditing of international organizations.

She earned a bachelor’s degree in industrial systems and information engineering, and business administration from Korea University in Seoul.

Hyojung Oh
Mohammad Shat

Mohammed Shat, Palestinian Territories

Mohammed Shat was most recently Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability and Learning (MEAL) Officer at Catholic Relief Services. He designed and managed MEAL systems for multi-year multi-component programs (shelter, psychosocial, cash for work, and emergency) with a focus on improving program impact and resilience for vulnerable groups. He also participated in designing the comprehensive project’s Feedback and Complaints Response Mechanism (FCRM) which strengthened the project’s accountability systems.

As a Humphrey fellow, Mohammed is interested in the use of technology policy and management in the context of humanitarian/relief programs, policy analysis, governance, and NGO leadership. After his fellowship, he looks to use these skills to increase the quality and effectiveness of NGOs in improving resilience of vulnerable populations.

He earned a B.A. in Information Systems, Al Azhar University, Gaza.

Ananya Sinha, India

Ananya Sinha is Deputy Commissioner of Income Tax at the Indian Revenue Service, Ministry of Finance, where she provides policy guidance for the Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) on the Faceless Appeal Scheme, which is designed to make tax administration more efficient, transparent, and accountable.

Her interests as a Humphrey fellow include tax policy and the undervaluation of property. After her fellowship, Ananya seeks to create tax policy and lead initiatives in the Directorate of Tax Policy Legislation that address property undervaluation. She earned bachelors’ degrees in law from the Faculty of Law and economics from the University of Delhi.

She has a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Law from National Law School of India University as part of her training at National Academy of Direct Taxes.

Ananya Sinha
Ivana Tatar

Ivana Tatar, Montenegro

Ivana Tatar is an advisor for the Committee on Political System, Judiciary and Administration at the Parliament of Montenegro. Her recent accomplishments include participation in the Pre-Accession Fellowship Programme of the European Parliament, where she spent the time as a fellow at the Subcommittee on Security and Defence (SEDE).

Ivana is interested in the legal aspects of national cyber security and defense, as well as digital transformation of public administration. Her goal after the fellowship is to contribute to the improvement of cyber resilience in Montenegro, with an emphasis on cyber security awareness and education of civil servants. Ivana earned a bachelor’s degree in law from the University of Montenegro Faculty of Law

Maka Tokmazishvili, Georgia

Maka Tokmazishvili is a policy analyst at the Civil Service Bureau of Georgia where she studies impacts of legislative changes and existing practices in the Georgian civil service system, analyzes functional and institutional arrangements of Georgian public institutions, develops action plans for civil service and public administration reform, and supports good governance initiatives.

As a Humphrey fellow, she is interested in public policy, transparency, strategic human capital management, and researching policy approaches to optimize governmental institutions. Maka wishes to continue working in Georgian civil service, contribute towards evidence-based and data-driven policy making to advance civil service, and support the design of human-centered HRM strategies.

She earned a master’s degree in International Law from Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University and a bachelor’s degree in Law from Ilia State University in Georgia.

Pia Olea Ubillus

Pía Olea Ubillús, Peru

Pía Olea Ubillús is an expert in corporate sustainability and was most recently the Consulting Director of Gender at GenderLab.

During her Humphrey fellowship she seeks to expand her knowledge in public-private partnerships to close the gender gap and promote equal opportunities in the Latin America. Following her fellowship, Pía’s goal is to work on the design and implementation of gender equality policies as well as national and regional strategies to close the gender gap.

She earned an M.A. in Human Rights, Gender and Conflict Studies from Erasmus University of Rotterdam in the Netherlands and a Bachelor of Law from Pontifical Catholic University of Peru.

Nur Ain Muhammad Yusuf, Malaysia

Nur Ain Muhammad Yusuf was most recently Senior Associate at PricewaterhouseCoopers on secondment from civil service under Malaysia’s Cross Fertilization Program and a member of ASEAN Emergency Response and Assessment Team. She has focused on humanitarian and emergency management, facilitating humanitarian assistance and disaster relief missions, and her country’s COVID-19 response.

As a Humphrey fellow, Ain has interest in exploring international humanitarian systems, human rights, climate change and disaster risk reduction, civil-military coordination and humanitarian assistance and disaster relief. She seeks to strengthen capacity of communities, leaders and response agencies, protect vulnerable communities and contribute towards disaster action plans.

Ain earned a postgraduate diploma of Public Administration and Policy from University of Malaya and National Institute of Public Administration and bachelor’s degree (Hons) in Accountancy from MARA University of Technology.

Nur Ain Muhammad Yusuf