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Fabiola Ortiz-Valdez

Fabiola Ortiz-Valdez

Contact Information:

Fabiola Ortiz-Valdez

Ph.D. Candidate, Anthropology Department


Fabiola is originally from Mexico and a doctoral candidate in cultural anthropology, her dissertation focuses on labor relations and labor organizing among undocumented dairy workers in Central New York. Her research interests include undocumented migration to the U.S., alternative forms of organizing for low wage workers, farmworkers’ social reproductive labor, and activist research.  She holds a M.A. in anthropology from Syracuse University. For the past eight years, Fabiola has been a labor and immigrants' rights organizer, first with the Workers’ Center of Central NY , the New York Immigration Coalition, and now as a lead organizer with the Food Chain Workers Alliance. 
Anthropology Department
209 Maxwell Hall