Syracuse Webinar Series on Property Tax Administration and Design

Selected Fridays, 11:00a.m-12:15p.m. EST.

To address certain problems and to help fill the substantive gap in literature on property tax, we have launched an Initiative on the Study of Property Tax Administration and Design (ISPTAD), of which this webinar series is a component. The goal of the webinar series is to gather insight and scholarship through domestic and international comparative studies with common threads to help reform and improve property tax administration and design in the US and other countries facing similar problems. We invite prominent and promising scholars with cutting edge research on property tax administration and design, including (but not limited to) the following:

a. new explorations in the theory of property taxation;
b. empirical (and theoretical) study of property assessment cycle;
c. empirical (and theoretical) study of optimal size of property assessing units;
d. analytical frameworks of statutory exemptions of property value;
e. state-local jurisdiction in property taxation;
f. impact of changes in federal deduction of local taxes on the ability and willingness of property owners to pay the property tax. 

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Spring 2022

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Past Presenters
Fall 2021


  • Syracuse University Office of Sponsored Programs
  • Maxwell School Tenth Decade Faculty Scholar Fund
  • Center for Policy Research 

Organizing Committee 

Christopher Berry, University of Chicago

Yilin Hou (chair), Syracuse University

Kazuyuki Ishida, Kansai University, Japan

Qiang Ren, Central University of Finance & Economics, China

Justin Ross, Indiana University

Martin Simmler, Oxford University, Britain

John Yinger, Syracuse University