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Mark Rupert

Mark Rupert

Contact Information:


410A Maxwell Hall


Max 123, Critical Issues for the United States (team-taught)
PSC 321, Populism & Conspiracy Culture
PSC 372, Marxist Theory & the Politics of Class Power

Highest degree earned

Ph.D., Claremont Graduate School, 1987


From 2015– 2022 Mark Rupert was Chapple Family Professor of of Citizenship and Democracy at the Maxwell School.

Areas of Expertise

International relations, political economy, politics of globalization, right-wing populism politics of globalization

Research Interests

Global political economy, militarism & U.S. global power, neoliberalism and business hegemony, hegemony & right-wing populism 

Research Grant Awards and Projects

I am currently working on a project that explores some of the most significant facets of right-wing populism in American politics and culture, from its role in the suppression of radicalism during the 20th century, to its deployment as an alibi for the lost war in Vietnam and as a cultural imperative to "Support the Troops" in America's contemporary military adventures, to the role of the gun lobby and gun rights culture in mediating between corporate neoliberalism and right-wing conspiracism in the present day. These thematically related papers will eventually form the core of another book. 

These papers, and some others from earlier phases of my career, are available online at

Selected Publications

Mark Rupert and M. Scott Solomon (2006) Globalization and International Political Economy: The Politics of Alternative Futures (Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield).

Mark Rupert (2000) Ideologies of Globalization: Contending Visions of a New World Order (London: Routledge). 

Mark Rupert (1995) Producing Hegemony: The Politics of Mass Production and American Global Power (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press).