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Seth Jolly

Seth Jolly

Contact Information:


325 Eggers Hall

Seth Jolly

Associate Professor, Political Science Department

Senior Research Associate, Center for European Studies


Comparative Political Analysis
Politics of Europe
Ethnic Conflict
Politics of Globalization
European Union
Quantitative Methods
Political Parties
**Syllabi can be found at:

Highest degree earned

Ph.D., Duke University, 2006

Areas of Expertise

European politics, political parties, nationalism, European Union

Research Interests

European and European Union politics, political parties, immigration, populism

Research Grant Awards and Projects

Professor Jolly’s research focuses on the interaction of political institutions and political parties in Europe. His 2015 book, "The European Union and the Rise of Regionalist Parties," explores how European integration affects regionalist parties. He is currently working on a project investigating whether parties represent the public in European democracies.

Since 2010, Jolly has served as one of the principal investigators for the Chapel Hill Expert Survey (CHES), one of the most widely used datasets on political party positions. CHES collects expert assessments of party positions on a variety of issues, including left-right ideology, European integration, and immigration. The 2019 trend dataset is publicly available at


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