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Allport Discusses British Prime Minister Liz Truss’s Resignation With NewsNation

October 21, 2022


Alan Allport

Alan Allport

British Prime Minister Liz Truss resigned on Thursday after a tumultuous 45 days in office marred by economic policies that roiled financial markets and a rebellion in her political party that obliterated her authority. Alan Allport, Dr. Walter Montgomery and Marian Gruber Professor of History, calls the resignation "extraordinary."

"Truss clearly came in at a difficult moment and there always were questions from the very beginning about whether she was going to be able to serve out the full term of the government which in theory, will go on to February of 2024," says Allport. "But I don’t think even the harshest critics imagined that she would be out after less than 50 days. And what happens now is a total mystery to anybody," he says.

Watch the full interview via NewsNation, beginning at 2:10.

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