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Allport Speaks with NewsNation, WGN Radio About Prince Harry’s New Book

January 13, 2023

NewsNation,WGN Radio

Alan Allport

Alan Allport

Prince Harry's highly anticipated autobiography, "Spare," reveals a number of private confrontations between him and other senior royals and details his split from the family. Kensington Palace and Buckingham Palace have not commented on the allegations in the book.

"The nature of the monarchy is that, on the one hand, they live and thrive upon publicity. That’s the justification for the nature of modern royalty," Professor of History Alan Allport tells NewsNation.

"But on the other hand, they also want to be able to control the flow of information. That was a lot easier in the days when the press and the media were a lot more deferential and were willing to set aside and not say things which Buckingham Palace would’ve disapproved of. And also, of course, that the royals themselves were a lot more reticent than they used to be," says Allport.

"Harry seems to, for good reasons or bad, rightly or wrongly, he seems to have an enormous amount of grievances and he’s not being shy about saying them," he says.

Allport was also interviewed for the WGN Radio segment, "Are people losing interest in the British royal family?"

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