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Armstrong Piece on Using Archaeology to Examine Harriet Tubman’s Life Published in Ms. Magazine

March 16, 2022

Ms. Magazine

Douglas V. Armstrong

Douglas V. Armstrong

"Using Archaeology to Rediscover Harriet Tubman’s Life in Freedom," written by Professor and Chair of Anthropology Doug Armstrong, was published in Ms. Magazine. Over the past quarter century, Armstrong, along with Syracuse University students, have worked with the Harriet Tubman Home, Inc. to carry out archaeological and historical research on Harriet Tubman’s overlooked, yet tremendously significant, post-emancipation life. 

"The archaeological record recovered at the Harriet Tubman Home serves to remind us to move with deliberate action and to pursue freedom and dignity on behalf of others," writes Armstrong. "My hope is that, in unearthing the archaeological record of her life, the new perspectives gained will serve to inspire new generations to action—to solve the social problems of today and tomorrow."

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