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Barkun Quoted in Daily Beast Article on the Great Reset, Cyber Pandemic

May 4, 2022

The Daily Beast

Michael Barkun

Michael Barkun

The World Economic Forum's announcement in mid-2020 that it was organizing its upcoming summit around the theme of a “Great Reset”—a call to view the COVID pandemic as an opportunity to build a better world—and it was publishing a 280-page book on that concept, provided fertile ground for conspiracy theories to grow. Michael Barkun, professor emeritus of political science and expert on extremism and conspiracy theories, notes that, "generally, whenever a large international organization formulates a plan, no matter how innocuous it may appear, conspiracists interpret it as a blueprint for a global takeover." Read more in the Daily Beast article, "COVID Truthers Have Found a New ‘Pandemic’ to Freak Out About."

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