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Benanav Discusses Whether AI-Led Job Displacement Will Reshape the Economy in New Statesman Article

April 18, 2023

The New Statesman

Aaron Benanav

Aaron Benanav

"The revolution will not be brought to you by ChatGPT," written by Aaron Benanav, assistant professor of sociology and senior research associate in the Autonomous Systems Policy Institute, was published in the New Statesman.

"How might jobs change with the adoption of ChatGPT and related applications? Even veritable revolutions, like those inaugurated by the advent of the steam engine in the 19th century and the internet in the 20th, unfolded gradually," says Benanav.

"So do not believe every company press release proclaiming a revolutionary advance. Do not rely on over-exuberant self-reported tests. Wait for actual, on-the-ground results," he says.

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