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Blockwood Discusses the Challenges of Selecting Our Nation’s Leaders in The Fulcrum

March 9, 2023

The Fulcrum

James-Christian Blockwood

James-Christian Blockwood

"Leadership and democracy: A fragile system in an increasingly partisan environment," written by James-Christian Blockwood, adjunct professor in Maxwell's Washington programs, was published in The Fulcrum.

"Atypical leadership paths and contemptuous confirmations and elections are becoming more common. We need to improve the selection process for those serving at the highest levels of our government, introduce new leadership standards, amend laws, and reevaluate our overall political culture," says Blockwood.

"While there are many reasons we choose to support certain leaders—policy positions, political philosophy and emotional appeal among the top—we should also consider management expertise, ethos and adherence to constitutional norms," he says.

"Selecting our nation’s leaders is becoming increasingly complex and challenging, but we can make it more effective by ensuring the processes—for elections as well as appointments—reinforce democracy rather than erode our confidence in it," Blockwood writes.

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