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Blockwood Discusses the Need for Bipartisan Support in Resolving Immigration Issues in The Fulcrum

April 12, 2024

The Fulcrum

James-Christian Blockwood

James-Christian Blockwood

Bipartisan cooperation needed to navigate immigration's troubled waters,” written by James-Christian Blockwood, adjunct professor in Maxwell's Washington programs, was published in The Fulcrum.

Blockwood argues for the use of an “all hands on deck” approach.

“It’s time to take a different tack and make way,” says Blockwood. “Congress and the White House must work constructively to fund border security and immigration activities. We must lift any legislative or executive order restrictions, whether rationalized or real, regarding immigration enforcement. Limit and increase scrutiny for asylum seekers to thwart abuse of the system,” he says.

“Stop the antics of moving migrants around our country, which only shifts the problem elsewhere. Fund and equip law enforcement officials who are on board and ready to safeguard our national boundaries. Reinforce the border using traditional barriers coupled with advanced technology. Position the right leadership at agency, administration and state levels—leaders committed to solving the immigration issues battering our border,” writes Blockwood.

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