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Blockwood Piece on the Return to American Pragmatism Published in the Fulcrum

February 20, 2024

The Fulcrum

James-Christian Blockwood

James-Christian Blockwood

"Our divided nation will fall unless we return to American pragmatism," written James-Christian Blockwood, adjunct professor in Maxwell's Washington programs, was published in the Fulcrum.

Blockwood argues that the U.S. is deeply polarized and the future of the republic is at stake if we don't change course.

"It’s time to think beyond left, right and center. Time to move beyond traditional political ideology that creates an identity trap dividing us instead of unifying us and encouraging compromise," Blockwood says. "It’s time to think about outcomes and what best represents—and best serves—all people. It’s time to change our approach, and return to American pragmatism, seeking outcome-oriented solutions to achieve America’s promise."

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