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Brockway Discusses the Need for a Framework to Describe the Far-Right in NBC News Piece

July 22, 2022


Mark Brockway

"January 6, Trump and the rise of America's dangerous 'shadow gospel'," co-authored by Mark Brockway, a faculty fellow in political science, was published by NBC News. The authors argue that we need a framework for describing the far-right that builds on what we know about Christian belief and identity while accounting for secular media and influences. 

"Something more hybrid—and much more difficult to pin down—is happening, and we need to explain what, how and why if we hope to have any hope of pushing back effectively," writes Brockway and his co-authors, Whitney Phillips and Abby Ohlheiser, who "identify the source of this hybridity (and its difficult-to-pin-down-ness) as the 'shadow gospel': decades of conspiratorial, self-reinforcing messages propped up by densely overlapping secular and evangelical media."

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