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Burman weighs in on GOP plan for tax reform in the Atlantic, Washington Post

October 2, 2017

Marketplace,The Atlantic,The Washington Post,WCNY radio

Leonard Burman

Leonard Burman

Len Burman was interviewed by The Atlantic and The Washington Post on President Trump's plan to overhaul the American tax code. He also discussed the proposal on Marketplace and Capitol Pressroom. "The thing that’s surprising about this is that there are some groups that don’t get to share in the $3- or $4 trillion of tax cuts," Burman told The Atlantic

The Atlantic: "Trump Says His Tax Plan Won't Benefit the Rich—He's Exactly Wrong"

The Washington Post: "Be skeptical of Trump’s claim that wages will soar after he cuts taxes"

Marketplace: "The GOP tax plan has fewer tax brackets and bigger deductions, but is light on details"

Capitol Pressroom: "October 3, 2017: Leonard Burman"


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