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Campbell Talks to Democracy Now About Opposing Military Intervention in Niger

August 21, 2023

Democracy Now

Horace G. Campbell

Horace G. Campbell

West African leaders from ECOWAS, backed by the United States and France, met today to consider military action to restore the ousted Niger President Mohamed Bazoum following last month’s military coup. Neighboring Mali and Burkina Faso have threatened that any intervention in Niger would amount to a declaration of war on them, as well.

This comes as leaders of the coup in Niger have appointed a 21-member cabinet as they forge ahead with building a new government.

The coup “is a consequence of the militarization of Nigerien society” by the United States and France, which both have strong military presence in the region, explains Horace Campbell, professor of political science. He notes anti-French sentiment is a powerful force in Niger and across Africa as people reject the former colonizer’s influence: “The French are inordinately dependent on the exploitation and plunder of Africa.”

Listen to the full interview on Democracy Now.

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