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Engelhardt Examines Impact of Aging Baby Boomer Homeowners on Housing Supply

July 8, 2022

Mortgage Orb

Gary V. Engelhardt

Gary V. Engelhardt

"Who Will Buy the Baby Boomers’ Homes When They Leave Them," authored by Professor Gary Engelhardt, was featured in the Mortgage Orb article, "RIHA Studies Impact of Aging Baby Boomer Homeowners on Housing Supply." 

“America is growing older, with baby boomer homeowners totaling 32 million as of 2019 and increasingly becoming a larger source of existing homes for sale—4.4 million units annually—as they transition to other housing options or pass away,” says Engelhardt. “Aging and mortality are glacial and largely predictable. Based purely on changing demographics and population growth, there is enough homebuyer demand to meet most of the existing inventory that will come onto the market over the next decade and beyond from older homeowners," he says.

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