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Faricy piece on Biden's American Rescue Plan published in The Hill

March 15, 2021

Christopher Faricy

Christopher Faricy

"Our recent analysis of public opinion about people’s attitudes toward government assistance shows that Democrats can gain the support of conservative voters for assistance to the poor through smart policy design. And there is no better example than the American Rescue Plan (ARP)," Associate Professor of Political Science Chris Faricy and Christopher Ellis (Bucknell University) write. "In particular, the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) and Child Tax Credit (CTC) are targeted toward the working poor, and disproportionately help families of color," they say. "The Biden proposal for expanding these two programs is projected to cut the child poverty rate in half. This expansion would provide the most help to Black and Latino families, who fall below the poverty line more often than whites." Read more in The Hill article, "Why Republicans couldn't kill Biden's relief bill."

Faricy was also quoted in the Accounting Today article, "Biden signs American Rescue Plan into law, expanding tax credits."

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