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Fethi Keles Receives Middle Eastern Studies Program 2023 Teaching Recognition Award

May 2, 2023

Fethi Keles, part-time instructor in the Anthropology Department, was awarded the Middle Eastern Studies Program 2023 Teaching Recognition Award. 

Fethi Keles and Chris DeCorse
Fethi Keles (l) and Christopher DeCorse (r).

The award was established in 2016 to recognize excellence in teaching and to appreciate indispensable contributions of our faculty to enhancement of knowledge of the Middle East and North Africa region. The criteria for selection, among others, includes the quality of teaching, assessed by student evaluations, and the number of courses taught during the past three years.

Faculty may also be considered for the award not just for their excellence with respect to timetabled courses, but through the full range of pedagogical and curricular activities in which our faculty are engaged, directed studies of any sort; collaborative scholarship with students; academic advising, mentoring, and career placement; teaching and learning activities connected with advising student organizations and other co-curricular activities; curriculum development; pedagogical innovation etc.

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