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Global post-medieval/historical archaeology: Cuba and Puerto Rico

Sarah Newstead, Eric Tourigny, Odlanyer Hernández de Lara, Paola A. Schiappacasse

Post-Medieval Archaeology, October 2022

Odlanyer Hernandez de Lara

Odlanyer Hernandez de Lara

For its sixth edition, our overview of global post-medieval/historical archaeology takes us to Cuba and Puerto Rico. These two countries provide an interesting case study in how the practice of historical archaeology evolved differently within the Carribbean region.

Our authors’ contributions provide a strong reminder that historical archaeology in this region is not homogenous and that the subfield has developed and thrived from within different philosophical, governmental and practical ecosystems. Readers of our previous editions will note a continued focus on colonialism, a major theme globally for historical/post-medieval archaeologists, and further discussion on how historical archaeology has grown in research spheres previously dominated by historians.

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