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Golden Discusses the Use of Heat Pumps as an Energy Efficient Upgrade for Homeowners in CNBC Article

December 22, 2022


Jay Golden

Jay Golden

New and expanded government incentives, coupled with sharply rising utility costs, make switching to a home heat pump compelling.

Especially when used in connection with clean electricity sources like rooftop or community solar, a heat pump—a single electric appliance that can replace a homeowner’s traditional air conditioner and furnace system—can warm and cool a home with less planetary harm. 

Rather than generating heat, these devices transfer heat from the cool outdoors into the warm indoors and vice versa during warm weather. Heat pumps rely on electricity instead of natural gas or propane, both of which have a higher carbon emission than renewable electricity such as wind or solar, says Jay S. Golden, Pontarelli Professor of Environmental Sustainability and Finance and director of the Dynamic Sustainability Lab. 

Read more in the CNBC article, "Heat pumps are an energy upgrade for homeowners that’s becoming a climate and financial winner."

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