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Herrick shares perspectives on Notre Dame fire in Archinect

April 26, 2019

Archinect News

Samantha Herrick 2021

Samantha Kahn Herrick

"In some ways, this is a very medieval event. That is, fires were very common in the Middle Ages and often lay behind the creation of such treasured buildings," says Samantha Herrick. She was interviewed for the Archinect article "As a Notre Dame Cathedral rebuild design competition is announced, we ask, 'what does rebuilding the Notre Dame Cathedral really mean?'" "The irretrievable loss of the medieval material at Notre Dame is tragic, as is the loss it represents to so many people," Herrick says. "But to be damaged and repaired is part of a medieval church's life cycle. That doesn't diminish the tragedy, but just fits it into the building's much longer history." 04/26/19

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