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Jacobson discusses the removal of US troops from Afghanistan on MSNBC

April 15, 2021

ABC radio,Defense One,MSNBC

President Joe Biden announced on Wednesday that all U.S. troops in Afghanistan will be withdrawn by September 11, 2021, after more than twenty years of U.S. involvement in the country’s war. But some experts don't agree with the policy. "I just think that he [Biden] has been given, by his team, a false binary choice: either we stay indefinitely with a massive commitment, or we leave," says Mark Jacobson, assistant dean for Washington Programs who served in Afghanistan with both the Army and Navy reserves. "And there's a lot of areas in between, a lot of work we can do that is beyond that binary choice," he says. Watch the full interview on MSNBC

Jacobson also wrote an article for Defense One, "It Was Never All or Nothing in Afghanistan," and was interviewed on Australia's ABC Radio National for the segment, "US to withdraw troops from Afghanistan on September 11." 

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