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Khalil talks to BBC News, KNX News and PolitiFact About the War in Gaza and Israel

November 1, 2023

BBC,KNX News,PolitiFact

Osamah F. Khalil

The humanitarian crisis in Gaza grows more dire by the day and the UN's Secretary General admits that they're not getting enough humanitarian aid into the Gaza Strip. 

Multiple UN bodies are calling for a humanitarian ceasefire to allow aid to enter, yet Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has ruled out a pause in fighting.

"The reality is a ceasefire is needed now and that's not something the United States is willing to agree to. The most the United States is willing to do is a humanitarian pause, but that's not nearly sufficient. And on this, the United States and Israel are an outlier in the international community," Osamah Khalil, professor of history and expert on Middle East politics, tells BBC News.

Khalil was interviewed on the KNX News segment, "Is the United Nations doing enough in Gaza?"

"That's one of the things the United States needs to work with the Israelis and tell the Israelis this aid has to go in. You are punishing civilians and they're the ones who are paying the price," says Khalil.

He was also quoted in the PolitiFact article, "Israel-Hamas war: How politicians, media outlets amplified uncorroborated report of beheaded babies."

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