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Lovely discusses US-China trade war with ABC News, Marketplace, Wall Street Journal

May 13, 2019

ABC News,Agence France Presse,Marketplace,The Sydney Morning Herald,The Wall Street Journal,The Washington Post

Mary E. Lovely

Mary E. Lovely

"I think that if President Trump goes through and raises these tariffs and then China retaliates, there will be a lot more pain and no gain," Professor Mary Lovely told ABC News. She was interviewed by several media outlets regarding the latest in the US-China trade war.

ABC News: "Trade War Escalating"

Agence France Presse: "China warns it 'won't capitulate' as US trade talks loom" and "US hits China with higher tariffs, raising stakes in trade talks"

Marketplace: "Trade deficit widens in March"

Sydney Morning Herald: "'Holding our breath': Trump's trade war with China gets real for businesses, consumers"

Wall Street Journal: "Apple and the iPhone Near Trade Crosshairs Again"

Washington Post: "U.S. prepares to slap tariffs on remaining Chinese imports, which could add levies on roughly $300 billion in additional goods"


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