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Lovely Weighs in on Economic Interconnectedness of Russia-China-US in NY Times, Washington Post

March 25, 2022

The New York Times,The Washington Post,Washington Examiner

Mary E. Lovely

Mary E. Lovely

China opposes the economic sanctions the U.S. has placed on Russia due to their invasion into Ukraine. In response, President Biden has issued warnings to China if they try to help Russia. Professor Mary Lovely, tells the New York Times she does not expect China to "throw all in" with Russia, but that the war could still strain economic ties by worsening U.S.-China relations. "Right now, there is great uncertainty as to how the U.S. and China will respond to the challenges posed by Russia’s increasingly urgent need for assistance," she says. "That policy uncertainty is another push to multinationals who were already rethinking supply chains." Lovely spoke with several media outlets about the situation.

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