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McDowell examines how Biden will handle trade in World Politics Review

December 16, 2020

World Politics Review

Daniel McDowell

Daniel McDowell

"The acquiescence to Trump’s trade protectionism also reflects an internal change in the way many Democrats are now thinking about global commerce," writes Daniel McDowell, associate professor of political science. "After a roughly three-decade commitment to liberal economic ideas highlighting the benefits of free trade, more of the party is increasingly skeptical of it, as concerns about rising income inequality and growing corporate power are ascendant. While there is some room for Biden to maneuver when it comes to tariffs and other measures, the apparent durability of a Trumpian approach to trade signals that a new era in U.S. trade policy has not only arrived, it plans to stay awhile," he says. McDowell's article, "Why Trump’s Trade Agenda Is Here to Stay," was published in World Politics Review. 12/16/20

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