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Reeher Discusses Chris Cuomo's Role in Brother's Scandal With Spectrum News

December 1, 2021

Spectrum News

Grant Reeher

Grant Reeher

Chris Cuomo was suspended indefinitely from CNN this week amid questions about his role as part of a circle of informal advisors to his brother, Andrew Cuomo, who has been accused of sexual harassment. The nearest analogy for the unusual arrangement of powerful brothers advising one another is the relationship between John F. Kennedy and his brother, Robert, who would serve as his attorney general, says Professor Grant Reeher. But Chris offering to call sources on behalf of his brother crossed a line, Reeher says. "You're shifting from that into actually drawing on your professional contacts in a way that are not supposed to be done with that kind of favoritism," he says. Read more in the Spectrum News article, "Indefinitely suspended from CNN, Chris Cuomo's role in brother's scandal under scrutiny." 

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