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Research by Rubinstein, Lane on Lead Poisoning and Community Violence Featured on CNY Central

September 16, 2022

CNY Central

Robert A. Rubinstein

Robert A. Rubinstein

Sandra Lane

Sandra D. Lane

Research by Robert Rubinstein, Distinguished Professor of Anthropology, and Sandra Lane, professor of anthropology by courtesy appointment, was featured in the CNY Central article and video, "Could Syracuse's lead paint problem be causing more youth violence? Researchers think so."

"Lead continuously creates groups of individuals who are harmed in such a way that they are more inclined to participate in the violence," says Rubenstein. He and Lane have spent decades researching the impact lead has on children and the resulting domino effect on the local public health and safety infrastructure.

The piece highlights the work done by Rubinstein and Lane together with their community partners working within their Community Action Research and Education (CARE) model.

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