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Thompson discusses impact of Trump's health with CNY Central, KPCC

October 6, 2020

CNY Central,KPCC

Margaret Susan Thompson

Margaret Susan Thompson

"This is unusual in that it's part of a larger national story, it's not simply a story that a particular individual has contracted or a condition that a particular president has contracted. Its part of a pandemic," Margaret Susan Thompson, associate professor of history and political science, tells CNY Central. If the president's condition worsens to the point where his presidential authority needs to be transferred to Vice President Mike Pence, it will have a major impact on the upcoming election, she says. "If he becomes seriously ill obviously it will have an impact." Thompson was also interviewed on KPCC's "AirTalk." 

CNY Central: "Local experts explain what President Trump's hospitalization could mean for his presidency"

KPCC: "Trump’s COVID-19 Diagnosis: What We Know & The Political Dimensions Of Medical Messaging" (interview begins at 18:20)

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