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Williams Weighs In on Continuing Support for Ukraine in Atlantic Council, NY Times Articles

December 7, 2023

Atlantic Council,The New York Times

Michael John Williams

Michael J. Williams

In his article “Don’t stop now. US aid to Ukraine continues to be a wise investment,” published in the Atlantic Council's New Atlanticist, Michael John Williams argues the “allocation of U.S. military assistance to Ukraine stands as the most strategic defense investment in at least two decades.”

“Cutting off aid to Ukraine, as some in Congress propose, would undermine the immediate war effort in Europe and diminish the deterrent power of U.S. military force globally,” writes Williams, associate professor of public administration and international affairs.

Williams was also quoted in the New York Times article, “NATO Ministers Vow to Maintain Support for Ukraine.”

The effort to assure Ukraine during the NATO and European Union meetings this week in Brussels appeared “heavy on promises and light on strategy,” says Williams. “The E.U. isn’t suffering from Ukraine fatigue, but it lacks a concrete plan for the long haul.”

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