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Reeher discusses the economic stimulus plan with Sinclair Broadcast Group

March 27, 2020

The plan "demonstrates to the American public that the federal government is taking a very proactive and very strong approach toward trying to shore up the economy and the economic pain that’s coming from this," says Grant Reeher, professor of political science.

Lovely speaks with Axios about US agriculture sector, tariffs

March 12, 2020

"Most observers believed that the agriculture sector was hurt and would need an extraordinary year to make up for that. I don’t think they’re going to see it," says Mary Lovely, professor of economics.

Burman comments on the cost of Bernie Sanders's agenda in The Atlantic

February 27, 2020

"I think it is fair to say that the tax increase—assuming it is as big as Senator Sanders projects—is about as large as the [13-point] tax increases enacted to finance World War II," as measured as a share of GDP, says Leonard Burman, Paul Volcker Chair in Behavioral Economics.

Lovely discusses US annual trade deficit with Bloomberg, Politico

February 6, 2020

"Everything the president has done has shown that the advice of more traditional economists has actually been very solid—so we don’t see the trade deficit closing as a result," says Mary Lovely, professor of economics. 

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