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Reeher discusses the media's treatment of Trump in The Hill

September 23, 2020

"I do think it is clear, after almost four years of his presidency, that editorial choices...are very clearly very critical of the president [Donald Trump]," says Grant Reeher, professor of political science and director of the Campbell Public Affairs Institute.

Lovely comments on US-China tech war in Axios article

September 23, 2020

The torrent of anti-Chinese rhetoric by the Trump administration recently has been countered by much softer actions, as the administration attempts to "thread the needle" of looking tough heading into the election while having the Chinese continue to purchase U.S. goods, says Mary Lovely, professor of economics.

Gadarian speaks to Australian Broadcasting Corporation about partisanship and people's behaviors

September 18, 2020

"We've been talking to the same [3,000] Americans since early March, every six weeks or so," says Shana Gadarian, associate professor of political science. What they found is that Americans were "using their partisanship as the top way to screen new information and decide what to do."

Keck comments on priority of the Supreme Court in 2020 election in Sinclair Broadcast Group article

September 17, 2020

"The Republican base has been more focused on that issue [Supreme Court] than the Democratic base has from Reagan forward, roughly," says Thomas Keck, professor of political science and Michael O. Sawyer Chair of Constitutional Law and Politics. "There’s some evidence that that’s shifting."

Popp quoted in Bloomberg article on Biden's climate plan

September 17, 2020

Measures to fight climate change tend to destroy some jobs while creating others, says David Popp, professor of public administration and international affairs.

Reeher comments on political hyperbole in USA Today

September 8, 2020

Professor Grant Reeher says that Trump's exaggerations of labeling Democrats as socialists and radicals are having little impact, and that, "after four years, voters are used to the hyperbole."

Thompson discusses progress, role of women in politics on WAER

August 21, 2020

"We still haven't elected a woman on the national ticket in either party," says Margaret Susan Thompson, associate professor of history and political science. "I think we still have a long way to go before we can talk about equality. But what we're talking about is progress."

Thompson discusses local congressional races with CNY Central

August 19, 2020

"There is always higher turnout in a presidential election year, but what that will mean in any given district is less clear," says Margaret Susan Thompson, associate professor of history and political science. 

Reeher speaks to the Independent about 2020 US political conventions

August 19, 2020

"The conventions this year might actually be more important than in relatively recent years past since the campaigns are very constrained in what they can do in person," says Grant Reeher, professor of political science. "Those in-person events would normally drive a lot of the media coverage in the last few months of the campaign. But that is only if people watch the conventions."

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