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Bess Davis

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Bess Davis was born in Philadelphia and grew up in Wilmington, Delaware. She earned her BA in international relations and French language and literature at the University of Delaware, where she studied abroad in both Tunisia and France. Her past research has focused on transnational migration and politics in the Middle East, North Africa, and Europe, a subject that she studied at the Master's level at the University of Sussex in Brighton, England. After earning her MA in Migration Studies in 2011, she returned to the University of Delaware to help develop a new re-search center, the Center for the Study of Diversity. Bess's current research interests include diaspora and democracy in the Middle East and North Africa, comparative migration policy, and gender and migration. Drawing on more recent professional experience, Bess is also interested in politics of diversity and multiculturalism, particularly in higher education. At Maxwell, Bess will focus on Comparative Politics and Public Policy and Administration, with an emphasis on MENA politics and migration policy.