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Books by Maxwell School Faculty


Have Repertoire, Will Travel: Nonviolence as Global Contentious Performance

Selina Gallo-Cruz

Cambridge University Press, 2024



Fighting Better: Constructive Conflicts in America

Louis Kriesberg

Oxford University Press, 2022

Government, United States


Constructive Conflicts: From Emergence to Transformation, Sixth Edition

Louis Kriesberg, Bruce W. Dayton

Rowman & Littlefield, 2022

Foreign Policy, International Affairs


The SAGE Handbook of Social Studies in Health and Medicine

Edited by Susan C. Scrimshaw, Sandra D. Lane, Robert A. Rubinstein, Julian Fisher

Sage Publications, 2022

Aging, Gender and Sex, Health Policy, Natural Disasters, Race & Ethnicity

Edwin Ackerman Origins of the Mass Party

Origins of the Mass Party: Dispossession and the Party-Form in Mexico and Bolivia in Comparative Perspective

Edwin Ackerman

Oxford University Press, 2021

Government, Latin America & the Caribbean, Political Parties

Sean Drake Academic Apartheid

Academic Apartheid: Race and the Criminalization of Failure in an American Suburb

Sean J. Drake

University of California Press, 2022

Civil Rights, Gender and Sex, Race & Ethnicity, Social Justice

Amy Lutz Parenting in Privilege or Peril

Parenting in Privilege or Peril: How Social Inequality Enables or Derails the American Dream

Amy Lutz

Teachers College Press, 2021

Civil Rights, Parenting & Family

Book cover for Life-Course Implications of US Public Policies by Wilmoth and London

Life-Course Implications of US Public Policy

Janet M. Wilmoth and Andrew S. London

Routledge, 2021

Health Policy

Handbook of Aging and the Social Sciences

Jennifer Brooks, Andrew London, Jennifer Karas Montez, Emily Wiemers, Janet Wilmoth

Elsevier, 2021