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Fitore Hyseni

Fitore Hyseni

Contact Information:

Fitore Hyseni

Ph.D. Candidate, Social Science Ph.D. Program

Graduate Research Associate, Campbell Public Affairs Institute


Fitore Hyseni completed her Master's degree in Public Administration at Syracuse University and a Bachelor degree in Public Policy and Economics from Rochester Institute of Technology.

Fitore's research interests broadly include social-spatial exclusion, geographies of inequality, urbanization and housing, and precarity.  Her dissertation research explores housing experiences of renters with disabilities and the effects of precarity on housing outcomes.  She is particularly interested in how welfare restructuring and austerity measures shape housing experiences of marginalized populations.


Research Interests

Sociology of Disability, Disability Studies, Work and Labor, Socio-spatial Exclusion, Inequality and Stratification, Urban Poverty, Precarity, Housing and Homelessness, Mixed Methods Research, Audit Studies.
Campbell Public Affairs Institute
306 Eggers Hall