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The Deficit Dilemma

John L. Palmer

The Urban Institute Press, December 1983

The Deficit Dilemma cover


In 1982, The Urban Institute began a three-year project to examine shifts in economic and social policies occurring under the Reagan administration. That project is called Changing Domestic Priorities. Its objectives are (1) to monitor and interpret significant shifts in economic and social policy; (2) to determine the actual and likely consequences of these shifts; and (3) to explore the implications and alternatives for future public actions.

The Reagan Experiment, the first volume in the Changing Domestic Priorities Series, is followed by detailed paperback studies and a final overview volume. The paperback studies now available are Housing Assistance for Older Americans: The Reagan Prescription; Medicaid in the Reagan Era: Federal Policy and State Choices; Wage Inflation: Prospects for Deceleration; Older Americans in the Reagan Era: Impacts of Federal Policy Changes; Federal Housing Policy at President Reagan's Midterm; State and Local Fiscal Relations in the Early 1980s; and The Deficit Dilemma: Budget Policy in the Reagan Era.

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