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Econometrics Methodology

The application of statistics to economic models is commonly known as econometrics. Econometrics aims to give empirical content to economic relationships. The three key ingredients are economic theory, economic data and statistical methods.

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Our education research includes looking at children of immigrants, bilingualism and educational inequalities; the impact school and peer characteristics have on academic performance; the effect significant changes in school racial composition has on neighborhood racial composition and housing prices; entry and degree attainment in STEM fields by race/ethnicity and gender; education outside the U.S.; the impact of summer employment on urban youth; the effect of school food policies on childhood obesity; and New York's Say Yes to Education program.

Energy and Environmental Policy

This area of research has both a local and global impact and involves complex issues such as climate change; energy technology, development and innovation; environmental economics; and the impact of environmental change on economic growth, international trade and industry.

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Health Studies

CPR’s health studies research encompasses a wide range of activities in health care management, health care finance, home and community-based care, nonprofit governance and health economics.

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Lerner Center for Public Health Promotion and Population Health

The Lerner Center’s mission is to improve population and community health through research, education and outreach focused on the social, spatial and structural determinants of physical, mental and behavioral health and health disparities.

The Lerner Center also collaborates and co-sponsors research events and activities with other Syracuse University centers and institutes, including the Center for Policy Research, the Aging Studies Institute and the Center for Aging and Policy Studies.

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Public Finance

CPR continues its longstanding focus on the evaluation of city and state government fiscal management and performance. An early research project was among the first to identify New York City's coming fiscal crisis in the 1970s. More recent efforts have analyzed state tax structures and guided tax reforms. Other projects have addressed intergovernmental grants, municipal bond rating and credit analysis, measures of city fiscal conditions, property tax reform, and education finance.

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Social Welfare, Poverty and Income Security

The Center’s topics of social welfare, poverty and income security research include policies involving government disability benefits programs, with a focus on benefits to low-income children with health problems and low-income families—particularly the choices made by adolescents and public policies designed to assist this population.

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Urban and Regional Studies

Topics of research in this area have included state economic development, ways to nurture and reward entrepreneurial innovation, the determinants of industry location, and city growth, as well as the impact of mortgage borrowing constraints on homeownership opportunities.

Journal Editors in CPR

Home to a number of researchers recognized as leaders in their fields, many CPR faculty serve as editors or members of editorial boards for prominent social science and policy journals.

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