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Tanner Day at the Maxwell School: The Future of Citizenship and Public Service

October 4, 2017

Public service has been severely challenged by several long-term trends: declining public trust in government and low public esteem; political polarization, partisanship and incivility; negative press coverage; and greater direct political attack on government from different groups and institutions.

Many observers have described public service as being in a state of crisis. In such a climate, how can the human capital for governing be secured and enriched? How can citizens across all sectors sustain and nurture their own commitments to public service?

Exploring these questions, Tanner Day at Maxwell will begin with keynote remarks by Governor Whitman, delivered as part of the Tanner Lecture on Ethics, Citizenship, and Public Responsibility, a public forum for exploring questions about ethical citizenship in provocative and challenging ways.

Keynote Address, Tanner Lecture on Ethics, Citizenship, and Public Responsibility

The Honorable Christine Todd Whitman, former EPA Administrator (2001 – 2003) and former New Jersey Governor

Morning Panel: A Public Service Workforce for the Future

  • Dr. Andrew W. Cohen, Dr. Walter Montgomery and Marian Gruber Professor of History
  • Mr. Andrew Maxwell, Former Director of Policy and Innovation, City of Syracuse
  • Dr. Tina Nabatchi, Professor, Public Administration and International Affairs
  • Mr. David Sulek, Vice President, Booz Allen Hamilton

Lunch and Panel Discussion: Governance Challenges and the Future of a New Public Service

  • Mr. Dustin Brown, Acting Deputy Director for Management, U.S. Office of Management & Budget, Executive Office of the President
  • Ms. Teresa Gerton, President and CEO, National Academy of Public Administration 
  • The Hon. Sean O’Keefe, University Professor, Phanstiel Chair in Strategic Management & Leadership
  • The Hon. Christine Todd Whitman, former EPA Administrator (2001-2003), former New Jersey Governor
  • Dr. David Van Slyke, Dean and Louis A. Bantle Chair in Business and Government Policy, Maxwell School

Afternoon Panel: Threats to Citizenship in a Changing World


Closing Remarks

Mr. Max Stier, President and CEO, The Partnership for Public Service

The series has been generously endowed by alumnus W. Lynn Tanner '75 PhD (PA), founder, CEO, and chairman of TEC Canada. The lecture series is coordinated by the Campbell Public Affairs Institute at Syracuse University’s Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs.