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Christopher DeCorse

Professor, Anthropology

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Contact Information

207 Maxwell Hall
(315) 443-4647
Curriculum Vitae
Christopher DeCorse CV 2015


Ph.D., University of California, Los Angeles, 1989


General anthropology, historical archaeology, culture contact, Africa, African diaspora


I am an archaeologist with research interests in culture contact and change, material culture studies, and general anthropology.   I have excavated at sites in the United States and the Caribbean, but my primary area of research has been in the archaeology, ethnohistory, and ethnography of sub-Saharan Africa.  I am interested in how archaeology can help us understand the transformations that occurred in Africa during the period of the Atlantic trade.  My field experience includes sites in the Gambia, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Liberia, Mali, Sierra Leone, Senegal and Togo. However, my most recent archaeological research has focused on the African settlement at Elmina, Ghana, the site of the first and largest European trade post established in sub-Saharan Africa.

My principal publications include the Record of the Past: An introduction to Physical Anthropology and Archaeology (Prentice Hall 2000), Anthropology: A Global Perspective, co-authored with Raymond Scupin (4th edition, Prentice Hall 2001), West Africa during the Atlantic Slave Trade: Archaeological Perspectives, edited (Leicester University Press 2001), and An Archaeology of Elmina: Africans and Europeans on the Gold Coast (Smithsonian Institution Press 2001).  To find out more about the Record of the Past, visit the companion website


Books and Monographs

2005 Brian Fagan and C. R. DeCorse. In the Beginning (12th edition). Upper Saddle River, New Jersey: Prentice Hall.

2001  C.R. DeCorse. An Archaeology of Elmina: Africans and Europeans on the Gold Coast, 1400-1900. Washington, DC: Smithsonian Press. 

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2001  C.R. DeCorse (editor). West Africa During the Atlantic Slave Trade: Archaeological Perspectives. New York; Leicester University Press. 

2000  C.R. DeCorse. The Record of the Past: An Introduction to Archaeology and Physical Anthropology. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall. 

1994  C.R. DeCorse and C.J.B. DeCorse. Worldviews in Human Expression. Office of Instructional Development, University of Maryland University College. 

Journal Articles and Book Chapters

2004 C.R. DeCorse and Gerard L. Chouin "Trouble with Siblings: Archaeological and Historical Interpretation of the West African Past" in Sources and Methods in African History: Spoken, Written, Unearthed,  Toyin Falola and Christian Jennings (eds) pages 7-15, University of Rochester Press, Peer Reviewed Book Chapter.

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2004 Review of "Coast of Slaves (Slavernes Kyst)" by Thorkild Hansen, translated by Kari Dako. Accra, Ghana: Sub-Saharan Publishers, 2002. International Journal of African Historical Studies, 37(1), 2004,165

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Research Notes and Reports

2001   C.R. DeCorse and Sam Spiers. "West Africa Iron Age." Encyclopedia of Prehistory, Volume 1. pp 313-318. 

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